Visual artist Nikola Uzunovski experimenting with the solar kitchen at ZOOM.

Solar Kitchen by Nikola Uzunovski is a long term project in which he collaborates with artists, scientists, and the local communities to develop various forms of kitchens that use sunlight as the only source of energy. 

Every variation is unique and tailored to suit the specific geographic conditions, such as the cultural context of the area where the event takes place. By combining the scientific process with the mediating aspect of art, the workshop allows the audience to get collectively involved in a more complex art experience that highlights how these two spheres( art&science) are connected. 

Solar kitchen for Capri was designed reflecting Capri’s context, by turning some everyday functional objects into an efficient outdoor cooker. The result is a mobile, minimalistic, glowing object which in principle could be easily and safely assembled during the sunny season by following some simple instructions or adding some creative touch.